I Can Go On


You ask me if I feel the pain

          From a sin of long ago;

The answer’s “Yes, I feel the pain

          And tears sometimes still flow.”

My sin was that I took a life

                                     Innocent, unborn, my child’s,

For years I carried guilt and grief

          That I had been beguiled ¾

That I had cared for self so much

          My baby had to die;

And day and night I tossed and turned

          Wishing it had been I.

Then I met Someone who could pay

          A debt I never could

His name is Jesus, Son of God  ¾
          Pure, sinless, holy, good.

He paid my debt and set me free

          Despair no more is mine,

For Jesus holds me tight with arms

          That ease my pain with time. 

I can go on with Jesus at my side,

          I can go on my sin no more to hide;

I can go on to live in victory ¾
Because one day my Savior

set me free.


Copyright ã 1990, 2010-2017  Pamela J. Koerbel

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